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Panama Ship Registry offers many advantages of considerable interests to shipowners who wish to register their vessels under our flag. The following are some of the advantages that our registry offers:

  • No nationality restrictions to individuals or corporations.
  • No minimum tonnage required.
  • No re-inspection required upon vessels of shipowners who wish to transfer the same to Panamanian flag, provided they carry valid safety and tonnage certificates issued by a recognized classification society.
  • The registration procedure of a vessel under Panamanian flag is very simple and of swift expedition.
  • Dual Registration for Bareboat Charter
  • Special Registration for Delivery or Demolition.
  • Commercial operations carried out by Panama flagged vessels engaged in international trade are exempted from local income tax.
  • Mobile offshore Drilling Units (MODUS) operators and owners are entitled to competitive registration fees and exempted of any additional fees for the following 2 years after enrollment.

MLS and Associates provides the following maritime legal services:

  • Ship Registry
  • Ship Finance
  • Filing of application to obtain Ship Station Radio License
  • Filing of application to obtain Technical Certificates (CSR, ISSC).
  • ISM and CSO Endorsements.
  • Filing of application to obtain Minimum Safe Manning Certificate.
  • Public Registry and Merchant Marine Searches.
  • Maritime Litigation:
    • Ship Arrest in Panamanian waters and in transit through the Panama Canal
    • Cargo Claims
    • Maritime insurance
    • Collisions and salvage
    • Claims before the Panama Canal Authority
  • Filing of appeals against fines imposed by the Panama Maritime Authority to any Panamanian Flagged vessel.
  • Counseling in Ship Sales and financial transactions, Bills of Lading, Voyage and Time Charterparty contracts, Towage contracts, and Salvage contracts.


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