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MLS & Associates began operations in 2007 and has rapidly become a leading full service law firm in the Republic of Panama equipped by lawyers and back office staff with over 15 years of experience.

The success of firm is built upon the professional integrity of its members, the personalized relationship between our lawyers and clients, and by responding to the clients' needs promptly and effectively, while providing them with the highest standards of legal expertise.

MLS & Associates has gained recognition for being very proactive in obtaining positive results for our clients expeditiously in its full line of legal services

Panama Ship Registry offers many advantages of considerable interests to shipowners who wish to register their vessels under our flag.

Incorporation, organization, administration and operation of offshore companies in a diversity of worldwide jurisdictions

MLS provides bank introduction services to set up offshore bank accounts

We provide assistance to any foreign citizen who wishes to establish temporarily or permanently within The Republic of Panama.

MLS & associates is highly proficient on labor and employment counseling provided to companies operating in the Republic of Panama.

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